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Maria Talamante-Pohlmann has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1997 and is a Certified Yoga Instructor.  She has been working in the clinical field with those seeking a healthier relationship with themselves,  their self image and their loved ones since then. Maria’s clients appreciate the relaxed and comfortable environment of her Gilbert office.

Many clients are referred to Maria for her concentration with women’s issues, teenagers/family relationships, anxiety, athletic performance and enhancement. When we focus on what is “wrong we may just miss what is going “right;” our purpose, our meaning. You may feel stuck if your intent is to rid yourself of issues and problems rather than glow gently through a process of change and acceptance. She utilizes a combination of Eastern and Western therapeutic modalities to provide a holistic approach to healing. She uses the instruction of traditional yoga and yoga therapy, imagery, visualization, relaxation and meditation to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, depression
and negative thought patterns.


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